9 thoughts on “TDD – Chapter 285

  1. Hi Canem. I hope you also are doing well. is this series dropped? I hope not, cuz it is really good. Have a healty day.


  2. First of all:

    Thank you for translating all these chapters. You translated over 100 chapters which is a huge achievement.
    Sadly when I found this novel and read it in less than 3 days you already “quit”.

    Of course I and many others hope you will continue translating but of course your real job and your personal life is much more important.
    I would sincerely hope though, that you could post a message in which you tell us what happened to you and if you need help.

    If something bad happened maybe we can help. If you just lost interest though it would also be very kind if you could write as much so another translator may pick this up.

    Again thanks for your work and hopefully see you soon.


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